13 Ridley Road – Anita & Richard

We first moved to the square over 28 years ago a week later our son Cameron was born. The first signs of his impending arrival was when the heavily pregnant Anita threw herself to the floor late one Sunday night to stop “ breaking waters” from ruining our new lime Green sofa! Over the years many walls have been knocked down and extensions been built both at the back and the top of the house, as we have grown 13 Ridley Road has grown with us and we now live happily here with 2 elderly ginger toms and 2 not quite so old miniature daschund. We love the square for its sense of community and security it’s the kind of place where if you get home laden with shopping you can expect a knock on the door 10 minutes later as someone points out you’ve left your keys in the lock! If you ever get the chance to live here, you really should.