Pin Hole Photography – Fancy giving it a try?

In my opinion, one of the most simple forms (and the most fun forms) of photography is using the Pin Hole Camera. I am still in awe of light, how it knows where to travel.

Basic concepts are (and you can try this at home):

* get a small box (shoe box is great/or cheap kits can be bought online) make sure that it has a lid
* paint the inside black
* pierce a little hole in one end
* make a small liftable flap to cover the hole and secure with masking tape.
* Go to a dark room/cellar/cupboard and put your light sensitive paper in the opposite end to the hole, close the box
* go outside (and choose your subject/plant/building) and open the flap covering the hole for a few seconds and close
* then go back into your dark room and ‘Develop, Stop and Fix’

Et Voila! a wonderful little photo made with no fancy lenses just the light (noting that the picture will be upside down).

I am looking to arrange a workshop in the summer months, do let me know if you would be interested in coming along by using my contact me page .

Just a couple of my favourites:



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