Rochester Literature Festival Week October 2013

A week in October saw the wonderful delights of the Rochester Literature Festival, a wonderful achievement of the people of Medway with their dedication and little (if no) funding. The Rochester Literature Festival Blog can describe the events far better than me, so I’ll just give you a little run down of the events I attended.

Other worlds and other voices theme opened its arms to anyone from any creative background, also asking for submissions for an exhibition that was held in Rochester Library. I decided to put together a project for the exhibition, entitled ‘This is my World’ visiting a place with someone, taking their photo at that place, and asking them to write a short piece about that place and its particular significance. I had a series of 7 photos with Medway people, giving them (the other voice) a platform to share their memories, thoughts and feelings about their place in Medway.

Just a few extracts of the written pieces:

‘To me, like my father and his father before him, this place is a refuge from the traffic and noise of town, a perfect place to think and grow’
My World
‘If I shut my eyes and concentrate I’m still that 6 year old racing down the hill as fast as my legs could carry me’

‘Still to this day I sit in the same place and never once forget the memories and good times I have had’

‘I walk my dog there all the time so it always holds a special place in my heart, seeing my little man running as though he’s never going to get the chance to be there again’

‘My room is my sanctuary; my place for reflection, relaxation, meditation’

‘Theres something special about the venue which sparks enthusiasm and excitement with new visitors and when ever I am away from the space I can’t wait to go back’
My World

Such a wonderful set of photos and memories, detailing the area that we live. I thank all my fab volunteers for their time and sharing their stories.

Skywatcher – was an interactive performance piece, with me being Agent Nikki (story can be found here)

Here are a few photos from the event:

Steam punk




ME4 Writers – City without a head book launch, with poetry bingo, and music by 3D.

Alice – was the finale piece, with Rochester Symphony Orchestra, a mixture of music, story telling, dance and drama, a great way to end the week (story here).

Queen of Hearts

Mad Hatters Tea


An amazing event heres to next year.

Not forgetting a wonderful write up in Medway Messenger (2 bottom photos by Nikki Price Photography).


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