9 Horsley Road – Seb & Salima

Moving to Bishop’s Square in the autumn of 2017 was an exciting time for my fiancé and I as we became home owners for the very first time. We still recall the sense of utter relief, and of achievement, after a seemingly endless house search – and a welcome sense of security after almost two decades of the uncertainty of renting. We finally felt like we were at home. The sense of community we soon found here was very new to us. I remember debating whether to brave the Square’s Xmas party, but we were so glad we did as it was a wonderful way to meet our neighbours. The Bishop’s Square community really came into its own during the utter craziness of the first lockdown: knowing that we could call on our neighbours if we needed to was such a comfort – especially as we fell pregnant in the midst of all the madness. Our beloved and long-awaited baby boy arrived during the summer months of 2020. Those early months of new parenthood are all a blur now. Without the usual baby classes and visits from friends and family, the Square’s summer fête and the Christmas Hunt for Belle gave us some memorable moments to share with our little one. How ever long we stay in Bishop’s Square, our home here will always be a special place for us, one where we became a family, and that we will forever cherish.