I moved into 12A Horsley Road in 2009 after being recently divorced. I was drawn to the welcoming atmosphere of Bishop’s Square and felt instantly safe and at home as a single woman. A year later I had the opportunity to purchase the downstairs flat at number 12 and now am in the enviable position of owning the whole house. I have had lovely tenants downstairs over the years and have never regretted my two purchases. When I first moved here, I thought I would be here a couple of years, maybe five at the most. I remember having a conversation with the engineer fitting a new boiler and him saying that one of the parts would only be guaranteed for 10 years and I said, “well that will be someone else’s problem by then”. Little did I know I would be here 11 years later with no plans for moving on! One of my favourite memories was during Covid sitting at the top of the outside stairs to the garden with Sigute my tenant/friend sitting outside her back door at the bottom of the stairs and drinking wine together in the sunshine. Happiness in times of adversity! 

This photograph is displayed in 1 Ridley Road for the duration of MOSAF2022.