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Bright in Brighton -Even when its raining (or snowing!)

So all been a bit quiet here on the Nikki Price Photography front for a few days, I unashamedly took myself away for a bit of ‘R and R’, taking in various sites on a wander down to Brighton.

Ok so it wasn’t the best of the weather (snowing on the first day until late afternoon and thankfully it didn’t settle), on the first night I visited the Green Door Store a fabulous little ‘under the railway’ bar, but with a whole host of personality and musical genre. That evening was dedicated to Noise Music, a real mixture of 3 guys for the first act; one playing rhythms through an I-pad, 1 guy playing an old school ‘teachers’ recorder (amongst other things!), and the final guy playing a trombone and ad-libbing. The second act was a guy who technically was fantastic treating us to some ambient trance, and the final act who I can only compliment (and this is huge compliment as I love the Beach Boys) as Brian Wilsons younger brother playing the 9 lives out of his electric guitar via a loop pedal, I think he even tried to crawl into a 6ft amp at one point!

I have discovered through this that this is the sort of music that makes me sleep, not in a bad way, this kind of ambient noise music gently lulls me into nod off land. Same way I love Radiohead but manage to sleep to their stuff; ‘Nikki’s Bed Time Music’ I call it!

Any how I digress: you can’t visit Brighton unless taking in some of the tourist parts; The Royal Pavilion, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, and the Brighton Wheel sky ride with Steve Coogan as the voice over; ensuring that we don’t get ‘the pirate playground and the nude beach mixed up’.

I had a wonderful long weekend, but couldn’t leave without going down to the beach near the West Pier, this iconic homage to the Victorian Era, now stands a shell of its former glory. Various stalls were on the main beach selling photographs of this iconic tragedy, hopefully some of these were to help the trust fund not just to line someones pockets.

West Pier