My Man – Ray

So excited to see the Man Ray Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, made more special as it was a Birthday treat to myself. During my research for my July Exhibition based on ‘The Nude’ (bare with me its a working title!) I became drawn to the work of Man Ray; a self taught photographer and artist pursuing an avenue of photography that he loved (amongst other media), documenting individuals around Paris and the US during his lifetime.

Man Ray started his early days exhibitions with little or no financial gain, but continued with his creativity. Man Ray once advised a fellow photographer “You don’t need a huge audience. You only need 5 or 6 people who care, and are there to encourage you…don’t worry about idealism and practicality…try to get paid for what you do, and don’t worry if you don’t. Just keep on working. You’ll make up for it in time.”

I also liked the ideas associated with the surrealist movement that ‘Women are more close to dreams and the unconscious’ which is perhaps why they were a fascination for Man Ray.

Keeping up my levels of creativity is a challenge sometimes and can become a bit demotivated (as I am sure many of us do), therefore it was important visiting the exhibition as it gave me ideas, inspiration, and a ‘lift’ that if you believe in something you are passionate about, keep doing it, anything is possible.

I will continue to keep my stick drawings for story boards (My Nude Models will know of this well!), to not be afraid to document my passage through time, and documenting those around me. It is photographing a particular time in your life, a thought, and avenue of creativity. To have a muse. To continue with the analogue photography, double exposures, work in cynotype. I’ve also thought about being more abstract in my photography and using more crops and close ups of my nudes;


Most of all I’ll continue to enjoy my love of photography. I’m off now to buy an autobiography………


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